Job info from Steve Zou,邹代华 and Jun Xie, 谢俊

1: from Steve Zou,邹代华
Dear Mr. 范,

Thank you for the message. My name is Steve Zou (邹代华), 采77的.

I am surprised and also excited to know that there is a large group of CUMT graduates in Canada with many in Toronto area. Although I could not join you for the Chinese New Year Potluck party, I can image the happiness around the tables.

I want to send everyone a late wish for a Happy New Year (better later than never)!

Talking about job, we have two immediate openings for mining engineering faculty at Dalhousie University. Could you please pass this along and inform any qualified candidates who may be interested to apply within the next a few weeks. We will start reviewing applications very soon. For more information, please visit:

“” (the second one coming online soon).

Thank you.


D.H. Steve Zou, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Professor and Head
Dept. of Civil and Resource Engineering “”
Dalhousie University
1360 Barrington St.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3J 1Z1
Tel (902) 494-3977, Fax (902) 425-1037

2: from Jun Xie
tunnelling job

哲夫 和 校友们,

A my friend, who is working in a big consultant company, asked me to recommend one tunnelling engineer
for him. It is a good position and good pay. If anyone is interested in this job, please contact me ASAP.
My Tel NO. is 416 701 1875 or 416 996 1875. or email me.

Best regards,


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