2016 Spring CUMT Alumni Gathering (Toronto Area)

Dear All,

We are planning the 2016 Spring CUMT Alumni Gathering (Toronto Area) now.

From the feed-backs of some alumni, Family Day is a better choice in terms of timing. Regarding the gathering venue and the ways of organizing the activity, we need more suggestions from you.

A wechat chat group was created by Gao, Hejun years ago, but many of our alumni barely know. To join the chat group, please add “qianbiz” as your friend and remark you are “CUMT Alumni

We are looking for more persons come in to help us organize the gathering.

Here please accept our sincere wishes for a very festive Chinese New Year and a healthy and prosperous 2016!

For more details contact our gathering organizers:

Gao, Hejun: 高贺骏:(416)890-3666
Chen, Xiaodong: 陈晓东:416-232-9585
Li, Yueqin:李跃钦: 416-356-5335
Fan, Zhefu:范哲夫: fanzhefu@cumt.ca